Health Benefits of Folic Acids

Health Benefits of Folic Acids

Folic acids is also know as Vitamin B9, It is part of the Vitamin B complex family. There are many health benefits of folic acid but on this blogpost i will educate us on some of them. Like its benefits to the heart, skin, male fertility, stroke, cholesterol, pregnancy etc. Folic acid is very important to the well being of the body hence you are always advice to eat foods containing folic acid or take its supplements. 

1 Prevent Stroke
Folic acid can prevent stroke because it has the ability to remove homocysteine From the heart by turning it methionine. According to medical research, Homocysteine is the main culprit when it comes to having issue with stroke.. eating foods rich in folic acid or taking the supplement always can help you prevent stroke.

2 Improve Male Fertility
Another health benefits of folic acid is its ability to men that have issues with quality sperm production. Taking folic acid supplements or eating foods that are rich in folic acid can help In the production of quality sperms. It can also help the women getting prepared for pregnancy to avoid defects in babies.
Folic acid combine with other nutrients can help in fixing weak libido caused by Arteriosclerosis  Because of its ability to lower high cholesterol.

3 Maintain Cholesterol Level
Bile help the body maintain  its level of cholesterol and studies have it that an increase in folic acid intake boost the production of bile in the body. The importance of folic acid to the lowering of cholesterol can not be over emphasized. Many persons have died from.bad cholesterol related diseases but with this new discovery people can now live a healthy life. Placing yourself on 0.3 mg for 18 weeks will help your body produce enough bile that will balance the cholesterol level in your body for a healthy living.

4 Prevent Anemia
One great health benefits of folic acid is its ability to stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. When your body is loaded with quality  red blood cells, there will be no room for anemia in your life especially if you are having or living with cancer of the blood or sickle cell anemia 
As you consume foods rich in folic acid or take the supplements as prescribed by your doctor there will be increase in hemoglobin in your body because of the  increase in the production of red blood cell. Hemoglobin is responsible for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

5 Beneficial For Pregnant Women
Folic acid health benefits to pregnant women can not be over emphasized. It is helpful to both the mother and the child. Folic acid helps the pregnant woman go through pregnancy without complications. Especially if the woman is having neural tube defect disease. Eating enough foods loaded with folic acid will help your body overcome this disease. Neutral tube defect is the main culprit in miscarriages, deformed babies, underdeveloped  fetus and brain damage in children.

6 Healthier Skin

The skin can also benefit from the goodness of folic acid. It can help the skin fight aging by making the skin firm and tender.  Folic acid also help the body fight acne and recover from it. 

Sickle cell anemia; diseases associated with sickle cell anemia and how to treat them

Sickle cell anemia; diseases associated with sickle cell anemia and how to treat them

There are diseases that are associated with sickle cell anemia. These diseases makes the person fall sick always if not attended to early and sometimes it might be fatal. On this blogpost i be educating you on how to treat some of this diseases. Diseases like anemia, crises, swelling hands and feet, infections and delayed growth.

1 Anemia. One reason sickle cell anemia sufferers always look anaemic is that most of their  red blood cells are sickled and have a very short life span. Their life span is shorter than the normal red blood cell life span And because these sickled red blood cells die early the body is let with less amount of red blood. And since the body is left with less amount of red blood cells the sufferer becomes anaemic. 
To treat anemia associated with sickled cell diseases, you need to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, hydrate yourself with enough water and eat foods rich in folic acids or take folic acid supplements as prescribed by your doctor or health care provider. 
If the anemia is severe  the person should be taken to the hospital for blood transfusion and proper treatment.

2 Episodes of pain. Another disease associated with sickle cell anemia  is crises. This  Periodic episodes of pain called Crises occur when the red blood cells that are sickled in shap blocked the tiny blood vessels in the body from transporting blood and oxygen from the heart to other part of the body. Crises can be treat with pain reliever drugs  and these drugs should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. Severe pains can only be treated in the hospital with infusion, blood transfusion combined with drugs. 
The best way to avoid crises in the life of any person suffering from sickle cell disease is to hydrate that person always. Always keep yourself warm when there is cold and keep yourself hydrated when there is heat. Also stay away from foods and drinks like soda and other bicarbonate drinks, cold water etc. To also avoid crises, hydrate yourself immediately you are treated from malaria or any other disease.
3 Painful swelling of feet and hands; The swelling is very painful and last for days and sometimes weeks. These painful swelling are caused by sickled red blood cells blocking blood in the vessels from flowing to the hands and feet. These painful swellings can be treated by messengering the affected part of the body with some pain reliever balm ( Aboliki in Nigeria). It can also be treated with drugs as prescribed by the doctor. 

4 Frequent infections. Because their immune system is low, people living with Sickle cells anemia are vulnerable to diseases. There is an organ in the body called spleen that helps the body to fight diseases if the organ is damage due to lack of oxygen the person is bound to fall sick aways. The best way to handle this is to give the person some vaccinations That will be helpful to that person. The person should drink water always to help the body transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and flush out all the dead red blood cells in the blood vessels.

5 Delayed growth. Without nutrients the body will not function well and there will be growth delayed. It is the responsibility of the Red blood cells to provide the body with the right nutrients and since the body is lacking in healthy red blood cell, there is bound to be delayed in growth. To handle this problem the person suffering from sickle cell anemia should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Especially the fruits and vegetables that contain zinc.

People living with sickle cell anemia are advice to eat more. They should eat more that the normal three times a day. As you can see the problem of the persons living with disease is having enough normal red blood cells that will help the body to function well. But when you eat enough quality foods i mean balance diets, your body will be well and the Person will live a normal life. 
Foods that increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins

Foods that increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins

Giving birth to twins comes naturally even as studies have it that the chances of a woman giving birth to a twin stand at 5% five percentage. But There are some foods that you can take that will increase your chances of giving birth to twins. Giving birth to a twin comes with a great feeling of joy. Especially if you have been hoping to have a child or a twin. There are many reasons why couples will desire to have a twin. These reasons ranges from having a large family to having a close siblings to grow up and play with. Before you start with these foods, you need to see your fertility specialist for medical advice
Foods that can increase your chances of having twins

1 Dairy foods: studies have it that women that eat a lot of dairy foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, butter etc before getting pregnant have more chances at list 10 times than women that eat less or non dairy food.   There is a chemical found in the livers of cow called 
nsulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) that help trigger the production of multiple eggs in the body of a woman.

2 Folic Acid: Eating foods that contain folic acid or taking the supplements can help a woman get pregnant with twins. Consuming 400 to 800 micrograms per day will help you archive you goal of getting pregnant with twins. 
Foods you can eat that contains folic acids are broccoli, egg yolk,
liver,  tomatoes etc.

3 wild yams: These wild yams are mostly found in the western part of Nigeria . It is a diet eating with vegetables soups. Eating these wild yams can help a woman get pregnant with twins. This is made possible because of the presence of some nutrients that can trigger the ovaries of a woman to produce many eggs while ovulating.

4 Meat : consuming more 
Cow meat especially the liver can help you get pregnant with twins. Please don't over consume red meat because it is high in cholesterol. The timeframe you are to increase your meat intake is that time you are to get pregnant. Immediately you take in, or you are pregnant, your  meat consumption should reduce to the amount you were consuming before.

5 fruits and vegetables: Another type of food that help a woman get pregnant with twins are fruits and vegetables. The role of fruits and vegetables to well being of a human is very important especially in the reproductive system of a man or woman. There are some nutrients in these fruits and vegetables that can prepared the body for pregnancy and can also help the body get pregnant with twins. 

Also work on your lifestyle like reducing your intake of alcohol and smoking. Adding some weight is also very important to your getting pregnant with twins. 
Home remedies that can get rid of hiccups

Home remedies that can get rid of hiccups

There are remedies that can get rid of hiccups. Before we talk about these remedies lets talk about hiccups. 
What is hiccups
Hiccups occur when the diaphragm muscle contract briefly and involuntarily. Inappropriate Eating manner like,  lying down immediately after eating, eating too fast and eating too much food and not drinking enough fluid  after eating are the major causes of  hiccups. Smoking, consuming too much alcohol and some diseases like stroke, cancer of the brain, heart burn and coughing are also associated with hiccups. 
Hiccups is not really a problem  when it occurs for some few minutes or hours. It becomes a problem when it persist for more than a day or two days.  If it is causing you some discomfort like vomiting and. Fever, you should please see a doctor or your health care provider for treatment. But if the hiccup is not too severe, there are home remedies that can help you.
There are some problems associated with hiccups. Problems like sleeping and speech interfence , inability to eat well, vomiting, pains in the chest and abdomen. 
Some home remedies that can get rid of hiccups.
1 The best home remedy to get rid of hiccups is to quickly drink a glass of cold water. For this remedy to be  effective, you must drink the glass of cold water with a rush.
When you drink it with a rush, it will stop the irritation and the hiccups will stop.
2 smelling salt, this can stop the hiccups by Sniffing the smelling salt
3 pulling hard on your tongue 
4 Hold your breath and sallow your next hiccups. Do this for a while and the hiccups will disappear.

If the hiccups persist please see your health care provider.

Home Remedies for Breast Cancer

There are home remedies for breast cancer. Home remedies like the type of food we eat, foods like garlic, vitamin D, calcium, green tea, soybeans, grapes, broccoli., our lifestyle and the amount of information we have about breast cancer. Before we talk about these home remedies, let me share with you some information on breast cancer, the possible causes, type of breast cancer and even the symptoms. Breast cancer is the malignant growth of tissues and cells of the breast. There are different risk factors or causes of breast cancer. Breast cancer can because by old age, giving birth to the first child at old age, over-consumption of beverages and alcohol, radiation therapy of the breast and other unknown risk factors.
The type of breast cancer can be divided into three. The lobular breast cancer is when cancer starts in the lobe while the ductal type of breast of cancer that begins in the ducts. And the inflammatory breast cancer is a rare but aggressive type of breast cancer that begins when malignant cells block the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. Breast cancer can be easily treated if the symptoms are discovered early. Some of these symptoms include swelling of the part of the affected breast, lump in the underarm close to the breast, increase heat coming out of the breast, painful nipples, the effect breast nipples turning inward and some form of discharge from the affected breast.
Some of these home remedies recommended on this blog page are not curative but they can help boost the immune system while the body will cause the body to kill the cancerous cells and tissues.
Garlic: This wonderful vegetable is a great antibiotic because of its antibiotic properties. Consuming garlic in raw or powdered form can also help the body fight and keep those cancerous cells and tissues in check because it contains some compounds called alkyl sulfur. These compounds help the body fight cancer by causing the malignant tissues and cell to die naturally. To get the best out of garlic for the treatment of breast cancer it should not be eating cooked. Because cooking it can destroy some of the important element in it that help it fight breast cancer.
Grapes: This orange-like fruit is a good source of a compound called proanthocyanidins. This compound called proanthocyanidins has the power to reduce the amount of estrogen production by the body. Consuming grapes every day can help some drugs used in the treatment of breast cancer to be effective.
Green tea: This natural tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming it every day will help your body to fight against the formation of breast cancer or any other cancer.
Soybean: if you are like me who don’t like the taste and smell of soybean, you better change your thinking because this wonderful grain is among the best food that can really have an effect and stop the growth of those cancerous cells and also stop them from using estrogen. Soybean can archive this because of the presence of phytoestrogen in it. What really makes this food worth consuming is it contains isoflavones. This compound has the ability to prevent breast cancer at an early stage.
Exercise: expert says that exercising one or two hours a day can help reduce the risk of breast cancer or any form of cancer.


Are You Diabetic? The foods you eat will go a long way to help you to treat and reverse it. On this blog post, I will be talking about the type of food you should eat to help you reverse diabetics, especially as a Nigerian. The biggest problem with living with diabetics is selecting the type of food to eat. The following foods that can easily be found in Nigeria are good and helpful if you are living with diabetics.
List of foods to treat and reverse diabetics.

1. Whole grains:
Meals made from whole grains like rice, corn and other grain is good for you if you have or living with diabetics.  Avoid refined grains that are refined into white flours. White flour is not good for you because of its starchy nature. It is also very high in sugar molecules. Other whole grains that you can prepare your meals from are millet and farrow.

2. Beans and legumes:

Beans and legumes are very low in glucose. so they cannot cause your sugar level to go up even if you consume them always. They also provide the body with the needed fiber and protein and they are also very rich in vital vitamins. They are more delicious when you add with other meals before eating.

3. Vegetables:

There are starchy and non-starchy vegetables. The starchy vegetables are pumpkin, potatoes, and corn. If you want to reverse and treat your diabetics you must take these starchy vegetables with moderation. There are other non-starchy vegetables that you can eat a plate full without having your sugar level going up. Some of these non-starchy vegetables like mushroom, cucumber, and greens can be sourced cheaply in any market in Nigeria.

4. Fruits:

Like vegetables, there are fruits that also contain starch and if not consumed moderately, they can cause your sugar level to go up. I am talking about sweet fruits like melons, pineapples, Thomas, and apples. You will enjoy them and they can help you reverse and treat your diabetics if you take them in moderation. They can also help provide the body with the needed nutrient for proper functioning.

5. Plantain:
plantain is a good source of energy .but it contains very little starch in it. Eating plantain will reverse your diabetic because of its high vitamin and mineral content. It is high I vitamin c, b, a and some minerals like iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. Plantain is also very rich in fiber.

6. protein:
protein help repair warns out tissues in the body. For proper and quick heal of damage cells and tissues your protein to help reverse your diabetics. I will recommend  Plant proteins for you. I mean protein gotten from nuts and beans. Other sources of protein for people living with diabetics are seafood and poultry meat.

I will like to end this post by pleading with you to stay away from refined sugar and soft drinks if you want to reverse your diabetic. Sweeteners are also not healthy for you to consume


High blood pressure is deadly if not treated with the right kind of food and medication. Sometimes it is difficult to control hypertension with medications but if you avoid some certain food and also include some type of food in your diet, it will be easy to control it. Pre-hypertension [a condition when your BP is little high than normal] is treatable when you take the right medication and eat the right food that contains low-fat {good fat } like avocado pear, lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Blood pressure can be well managed and even treated if you take your medications and always check your food habit.

Foods you must avoid if you have high blood pressure
1.Fast Foods: “As the saying goes, fast food fast dead”. If you have high blood pressure you must stay away from fast foods. The reasons are that these processed foods have high amount of salt that was added to it while processing it. The salt and sugar can increase your blood pressure.

2. Fats: fatty foods like red meat and fried foods can also increase your high blood pressure. To successfully treat your hypertension, you must avoid these bad fats and replace them in your diet with good fats [white meat or avocado pear]. Bad Fats causes plaques in the arteries making it difficult for blood to pass through the arteries and veins thus high blood pressure.

3. Canned foods: canned foods should be avoided if you have high blood pressure. The salt in preserving and making it taste is not good for your cardiovascular health. The added salt is the problem it increases your blood pressure. If you are taking your medications to treat high blood pressure and you are still consuming canned foods, you will not get the needed result health wise.

4. Coffee: coffee is sweet and likes it a lot and even as I write with my laptop right now, a cup of coffee is beside me. I take it always. But if you have hypertension, avoid it. I will advise you don’t take more than 2 times in a day. Coffee contains some compounds that can increase your blood pressure.

6. Alcohol: Alcohol intake can increase your blood pressure if you take too much of it. Avoid it if you are treating blood pressure. Other complications like kidney failure, diabetics, stroke and heart failure can be linked alcohol intake.

7. Bread: The high content of sodium in bread, make harmful to persons living with high blood pressure. If you consume bread once in a while like once or twice in a week, is not too bad but if you take it daily bases, it means you are taking into your system too much sodium that will cause an increase in your blood pressure.

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